• 12 Paws Foundation Endorses Katts Remedies

    Let me introduce you to a lifesaving new business associate, Katt McDaniel of Katts Remedies. Katts Remedies is "The Go To Place" for SAFE, EFFECTIVE, & REAL CBD OIL Products for humans & their furry loved ones.


    I highly endorse each of the way Katts Remedies infuses its key ingredient in tinctures, drops, patches, muscle cream, lotions, lip balm, vapes, bath bombs, doggie treats, doggie shampoo, doggie salves, and more. New products are being introduced at this writing and even more being developed.

    I have tried many other "CBD OIL" products over-the-counter and online at well known sites. Their claims proved to be expensive falsehoods to say the least! So by my own experiences, I can honestly share with you why I love the items sold by Katts Remedies. As a chronic pain sufferer, I can attest that the pain patched for humans helps alleviate muscle pain. Just as easy to use are the tinctures for human pain & anxiety. Cats and dogs have their own CBD Oil drops for pain and anxiety as well. My 14 year old Shiba Inu, Sasha, has dementia & arthritis. Her frustrating symptoms are alleviated pretty quickly. Despite the ills that befalls my pups or myself, using Katts Remedies Products deletes awful feelings of hopeless. Life is too short for that! 12 Paws Foundation continues to Rock and Roll during work & pleasure; We feel gratefully fantastic! Woof!  

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