About 12 Paws Foundation

We come up with creative solutions to meet the very specific needs of each pup &/or family!
12 Paws Foundation was founded and created by Barb aka Mama B McCarter. It's goal is to provide low cost or free Service Dog Training to those in need {as funding permits}  It's long term goal is to provide Worldwide Education about these wonderful working animals to create Worldwide Acceptance. For the handler it means being treated fairly and as equal as anyone else wherever he or she may be. This Non-Profit entity was birthed out of Barb's own need for this type of assistance.
Barb is a former nurse who progressively became officially disabled in 1993.  Her true story led her to both acquire and train first Service Dog named Panther. Barb's unique autobiography is chronicled in her first published book called Panther & Me! by Mama B McCarter. It is sold on Amazon and on this Shopify site as well. Her Panther &Me! Service Dog Book Series has expanded to her 2nd creation, Oreo For President: An American Tale. Mama B has many more books in the works. Don't blink; There are many more books in her head!
To date, 12 Paws Foundation offers various community services for pets in need in addition to Service Dog instruction. See our other pages for details.
The doggie ministry depends heavily on their Gofundme & Patreon donations, merchandising, and published fundraiser books penned by Mama B  herself.  These ways & means avenues keep fees low for those who are financially challenged. Availability of funds are often crucial in our ability to render assistance within the community.
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