Oreo For President by Mama B McCarter

Oreo For President; An American Tail by Mama B McCarter

My newest book which is live on AMAZON, BARNES&NOBLES ONLINE, & EBAY, is the SEQUEL to Panther & Me!; Service Dog Curiosity Guide

I will delay selling my new book on my website. My initial plan is to dramatically increase my book sale traffic on the above online sites. Right now, I need your book comments on the world-wide platform.

I am excited about this fictitious saga. It not only honors Oreo, (my former Service Dog) but also other super working dogs at large. An essential catalyst to the storyline of Oreo For President is the setting. In the Year 2000, I experienced a personal & new emotion as a black woman in America. So in essence, my new fundraiser book marries an ounce of my truth with the creative antics of lovable animal characters.

This book for all generations & ages is very appropriate for today's climate in America 2021. However, Oreo For President was not written as a political book.  It is a literary tool that entertains, motivates, teaches the importance of Service Animals, and reconciles humankind with itself.  Hope is Brave. Hope Survives.

Like all of my 'Doggie Fundraiser Books', the proceeds help support, care for, maintain, and provide Veterinary Care for current Service Dogs, retired/sick/disabled Service Dogs, rescues, lost dogs, community pets in need, and assist other no-kill rescue entities, and more. 12 Paws Foundation also provides Pet Care Services such as Professional Dog Training, Homestyle Boarding, Rehoming Services, Baths, Pet Consultations & Referrals, Collaborations, and much more.

OUR MOTTO: Your Need Is Our Lead

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