Nala aka "Nala - Wala, Nyum - Nyum, Boom Chooka Now Wow!"


Nala is my current Service Dog. She functions predominately as my Mobility Assistance Dog. To date, I am far more mobile than my former years. I'm very proud of myself for working extremely hard in improving that within me that I could. Consuming a mostly vegetarian diet and far less prescribed medications, tapping into Yoga, incorporating meditation with all day thoughts, agreeing with positive aspects of Laws Of Attraction, purposing to remain positive minded, cool, calm, and collected are just some of the habits I live by. I motivate my inner Zen Me by using a variety of Katts Remedies Products....(More of this trend in my conversation, will be found under the aforementioned underlined titles)


Out of all of the Service Animals that have graced my life, Nala needs to perform the least. I'm now a pretty independent person needing minimal assistance with ADL's {activities of daily Living} I have a human personal assistant to pick up the slack in certain areas like cleaning, cooking, and clerical duties. What has always been and may always be, is the residual effects of chronic pain of varying degrees. Along with that, losing my balance from Muscular Dystrophy at any given time, I can use any of my many assistive devices.

B&W Nala

My favorite is Nala. Being tall and muscular, Nala Wala is just a short distance away. Keeping me from landing on the ground and being there to help me regain upward composure is her important job. I don't need a Service Dog to retrieve items, help pull off clothing, nor perform the specifics duties of her predecessors. A Great Pyrenees is rarely used as a human's Assistance Dog. However, her keen sense of awareness of the environment, intense training, and loving care for me qualifies her to work.SOOOOO, my big burley well-trained  fluffanutter Nala Wala Nyum Nyum is the perfect Service Dog for me!


 When I'm not using my wheelchair, Nala & I are TETHERED TOGETHER

Nala at Booksigning

Nala & Vana