Obedience Training

Big Tobi was taught to be gentle around small children


Tobi & Panther became CERTIFIED SERVICE DOGS at 12 Paws Foundation. Some of their skills were retrieving dropped items off the floor, opening and closing the fridge, acted as reminders to take medication, became deterrents to targeted criminal activity against their owners and more. After Tobi's first assignment, she went on to help a teenager within the Autism Spectrum becoming a major comfort in his life. To date that teen is now a well adjusted major contributer to society. How awesome!

We also train non working pups of all breeds, ages, and sizes. 12 Paws Foundation offers basic one on one training, group training, pack training,tricks, and more! We have many great references to be posted soon.

 Barb taught this gorgeous precocious Applehead pup how to pick up a pen for it's working owner in 20 minutes! How quickly a pooch trains depends on many variables. The pups I prefer to work with the best are those whose pet families who are active participants in the training.

I provide consultations, often free, to pet owners who simply need a help up as they train their own dogs. The short term goal of 12 Paws Foundation is to help pet owners keep their dogs. A trained dog is most likely to be kept as part of the family, not isolately chained to a tree in the backyard due to frustration. In my spare time, I help train sheltered dogs to help them become more adoptable to a forever home. Training them will also help prevent adopted dogs from being returned causing more stress on the shelter and pooch.