Oreo DoubleStuff


Oreo Doublestuff

 “The Baller”  

**About 5 days ago, retired Service Dog, Oreo Doublestuff was unexpectedly diagnosed advanced Cancer of the blood vessels & internal organs. His prognosis is poor. Ironically, this unsettling news was given just weeks of the release of Oreo For President: An American Tail, a funny semi- fictitious doggie fundraiser book about him. I am asking everyone to share this link as much as possible to help cover his current expensive Vet Bills & treatment, Thanks a woof!


After Tobi’s sudden & unexpected death, Panther was diagnosed with lung cancer. Out of sheer love, Panther continued to help Barb around the house. Realizing that it was dire to train another pup, The sad woman rescued a white polka dotted abused Dalmation mix whose original name was Cauliflower Shane. Barb immediately renamed him Oreo Doublestuff because he had double the love, playfulness, licks, ball playing, and snuggling she had ever seen! Panther befriended the baby pup and looked after him as if she knew he would replace her. Oreo became an excellent Service Dog especially indoors. He became the best of all the dogs in opening & closing the fridge, cabinets, picking up dropped items, and more! This gem now visits & helps  senior citizens, the disabled, and plays with children since his semi-retirement.