Panther & Me!: Service Dog Curiosity Guide by Mama B McCarter

Panther & Me!; Service Dog Curiosity Guide by Mama B McCarter

This is the first book of my Panther & Me Book Series. Each book features the importance of {Real} Trained Service Dogs and their disabled handlers. Panther & Me! shares an important portion of my biography. It leads the reader to understand how why & how I came to need a a Canine Assistant.


Panther & Me! is a unique autobiography for everyone at any stage of their life, from children to adult. It can also be considered a Family Book, Auto-Biographical, Reference book, Service Dog Curiosity Guide, Self - Help, Inspirational, School Textbook, and more!. Remarkably, Barb recalls important decades of her life overwhelmed by chronic illnesses before, during, and after her child-reading years. her  The deathly-ill disabled single parent of 2 girls and 2 boys, journeyed upward from the ghettos of Brooklyn, New York to prestigious nursing positions. Soon after purchasing 2 cars and a home in Stone Mountain, Ga, she lost them all amidst life's tornadoes within a revolving door of hopelessness & homelessness. Barb and her children resided in various states before settling in Atlanta, Georgia.

As her personal struggles with loneliness, depression, lack of friendships, and no assistance broke Barb's heart. As a matter of fact, when it couldn't be repaired, her heart simply ceased to work several times...That is until by divine intervention,  a straggly homeless mutt was sent to restart her heart.

The subsequent uphill battles for the author became much easier and many times even fun thanks to her new pooch named Panther. Barb and Panther became the twosome as the furbaby began her Service Dog Training. The rest is history! Barb began a non-profit entity to share her story while providing World Wide Education. She also trains Assistance Canines to help disabled persons in need. The motto of 12 Paws Foundation is, The Need is the Lead! A portion of the Proceeds from Barb's book is donated to No Kill Shelters and the like.

This book offers solutions to crises and much encouragement. 

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