Sasha The Diva

Sasha and Mama B
Sasha “The Diva” Sasha the Diva, an AKC Shiba Inu, was the 2nd Service Dog Barb trained for herself as Panther was growing much older. Despite Sasha’s petite stature resembling a little fox, she became “the spare” or back up. The idea was to help ensure continuity of Barb’s Service Dog assistance if the 1st one was unable to work. After a short time of filling in for Panther, Sasha decided that she no longer enjoyed being this type of working pup. She absolutely despised wearing her vest uniform. Equally so, she didn’t show the necessary patience etc that was mandatory for her canine assistance duties. Responsibly, Barb retired Sasha from Service Dog work only to utilize her talents elsewhere. Sasha became newly employed as an animal star in a full feature length movie called Heavy Water. There the little diva shined and still entertains to make people laugh!