Dog Training (Service Dogs & Pets)


{My assistant Cocoa & Panther} 

TRAINING A SERVICE DOG MUST BE PRECEDED BY GENERAL Obedience Training [See our OBEDIENCE TRAINING PAGE], SOCIALIZATION, AND MORE. In my book, Panther & Me! by Mama B McCarter, I mention that there are agencies such as The Puppy Raisers Program, that place qualified potential working puppies into the homes of doggie foster homes for homestyle upbringing and training for their first important year. 12 Paws Foundation is also capable of training these types of pups that remain at their intended home the whole time. The second step is SERVICE DOG TRAINING according to the ADA, [THE AMERICAN  WITH DISABILITIES ACT] where the k-9 trainee is taught to perform specific duties for their future disabled owner. I go into more details about THE SERVICE DOG LAW with illustrations in my fore-mentioned  book on sale on this site. **IT IS JUST AS IMPORTANT FOR THE K-9 ASSISTANT'S HANDLER ALSO BE AS WELL TAUGHT OF THIS LAW AS IT'S WORKING DOG IS TRAINED**






We teach most phases of basic & advanced canine training.