Barb aka "Mama B McCarter"

Simply put, Barb is an avid dog lover & a self proclaimed “Abled Disabled” person. The latter is largely due to the super positive attitude she lives by despite her host of medical problems. “I believe that anyone with a brain can do something despite their adverse circumstances” says Barb, a tenacious former nurse who fell back on the dog training/walking/bathing skills she gained from her youth. Creating and offering her own pup services proved to be extremely rewarding to both Barb and her clients. Panther “The Influencer” Panther, a mixed breed rescue, is the reason behind the existence of 12 Paws Foundation. Barbs eventual decline in health led her to a crucial place in her life where she needed a Service Dog to assist her with ADL’S (activities of everyday living)



Realizing that it was dire to train another pup, The sad woman rescued a white polka dotted abused Dalmation/Pitt mix whose original name was Cauliflower Shane. Barb immediately renamed him Oreo Doublestuff because he had double the love, playfulness, licks, ball playing, and snuggling she had ever seen! Panther befriended the baby pup and looked after him as if she knew he would replace her. Oreo became an excellent Service Dog especially indoors. He became the best of all the dogs in opening & closing the fridge, cabinets, picking up dropped items, and more! This gem now visits & helps senior citizens, the disabled, and plays with children since his semi-retirement.

Nala “The Gentle Giant” Nala lovingly called Nala Wala, is Barb’s current Service Dog in her 1st year of training. As the whitest & fluffiest puppy, she is often mistaken for a big polar bear by children. No longer in a wheelchair fulltime, Barb’s greatest need of a Service Dog at this time is mobility help - specifically with ambulation. Donned with her leg braces, Nala’s crucial job is to give a strong yet gentle enough pull with her leash that is usually tethered to Barb’s waist. Barb’s rare Muscular Dystrophy stems from a deficiency of a chemical that gives muscles energy. So, although she can walk to varying degrees, it takes a pull to get her leg muscles to begin walking.

At the writing of this page, young Nala was fresh in her training. But so far she is a huge asset in work and play. Because her stunning look attracts many to reach out and touch her, Barb steadfastly advocates and teaches  this phrase she loves, “Please ask for permission to touch Service Animals”


12 Paws Foundation was founded and created by Barb McCarter. It's goal is to provide low cost or free Service Dog Training to those in need {as funding permits} It's long term goal is to provide Worldwide Education about these wonderful working animals to create Worldwide Acceptance. For the handler it means being treated fairly and as equal as anyone else wherever he or she may be. This Non-Profit entity was birthed out of Barb's own need for this type of assistance. Barb is a former nurse who progressively became officially disabled in 1993. Her true story led her to both acquire and train first Service Dog named Panther. She became the catalyst for the 12 Paws Foundation Doggie Charity & Rescue. Barb aka Mama B, penned their outstanding journey in a doggie fundraiser book entitled. Panther & Me!; Service Dog Curiosity Guide

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